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Familiy oriented organisation

Can be used as a member-register for any kind of parent-network organisation (any kind of organisation for parents with children who share similar characteristics).
A log in is required in order to view any information.
The information is shared freely between the members. Parents may edit their own information and the information of related members (spouse and children).
This schema is in real world use.

Try out this schema now! (please allow a few seconds for your new database to be initialized.)

Person                                                          ChangeOwner ReadEveryone 
Potential_member, Main_member, Household_member, _
Child_member, Supporting_member, Not_paid, _

First_name Essential
Last_name Essential
Email_address EMail ZeroToMany
Mobil_phone_number SMS ZeroToMany
Fixed_phone_number Many
Adult Type
Position / Positions Many
Chairman_of_board, Board_member, Parents_contact, _
Accounting, Revision

Related_members | Has_related | Personrelation RelationMany
Paid_fee Many
Year2012, Year2013, Year2014
Administrator_status | Is | Administration RelationOne
Child Type
Year2005, Year2006, Year2007, Year2008, Year2009, _
Year2010, Year2011, Year2012, Year2013, Year2014

Gender Essential
Boy, Girl
Main_member | Is_related_to | Personrelation RelationOne GivingOwner
Registration | Is_registration_to | Activity_registration RelationMany
History Log

Activity ChangeOwner ReadEveryone
Meeting, Group, Note
Title Essential
Text LongText
Date_of_activity Date Essential
Registration / Registrations Many Everyone
Registrated_person | For | Activity_registration RelationOne
Registration_status Essential
Invited, Registrated, Paid, Met
History Log

Administrator_group ChangeAdministrator ReadEveryone
Members | Has_members | Administration RelationMany GivingAdministrator
History Log

ER-diagram (beta)

Note that in addition to generation of ER-Diagram the panSL Implementation AgoRapide may also be used to also generate database-schema (SQL) and source code for a variety of programming languages, tools and development architectures.

Last updated 2012-05-02