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Sports club for children

This schema has been made for a sports club where it is desired to register contact information about children and guardians, and to divide the children into various groups.
Note how Access in general is specified as Everyone, meaning that a log in is required in order to use the database. But a child's First name, and information about groups of children is public (accessible anonymously). This makes it feasible to create public links on your ordinary website with non-sensitive information without requiring a log in.
This should increase the take-up rate of your users.
This schema is in real world use.

Try out this schema now! (please allow a few seconds for your new database to be initialized.)

Child                                             ChangeOwner ReadAnonymous 
First_name Essential
Full_name Everyone
Date_of_birth Date Everyone
Address Everyone
Guardian | Guardian_child RelationMany GivingOwner Everyone
Member_of | Group_child RelationMany Everyone
History Log Everyone

Guardian ChangeOwner ReadEveryone
Name Essential
Mobile_phone_number SMS
EMail_address EMail
Children | Guardian_child RelationMany
Member_of | Group_guardian RelationMany
History Log
Administrator_status | Administrator_guardian RelationMany

Group ChangeAdministrator ReadAnonymous
Name Essential
Description LongText
Members_children | Group_child RelationMany
Members_guardians | Group_guardian RelationMany
Number_of_children = Members_children.Count
Number_of_guardians = Members_guardians.Count
History Log

Administrators | Administrator_guardian RelationMany GivingAdministrator
History Log

ER-diagram (beta)

Note that in addition to generation of ER-Diagram the panSL Implementation AgoRapide may also be used to also generate database-schema (SQL) and source code for a variety of programming languages, tools and development architectures.

Last updated 2012-05-02