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Contacts database simple sales tool

A pragmatic approach to storing contacts with roles and activities. The schema could be used as a simple sales tool. It is possible to show that persons and organisations are related to each other, but not how they are related.
The focus has been on quick and easy operation.
Note the use of Administrator-privileges restricting access. Log in is possible for all contacts since Mobile_phone is LoginIdentificator, access is therefore restricted to defined Administrators
This schema is in real world use.

Try out this schema now! (please allow a few seconds for your new database to be initialized.)

Person                                                       Administrator 
Description / Descriptions Many
Organisation, Physical_person, Friend, Partner, _
Customer, Prospective_customer, Father, Mother, _

First_name Essential
Last_name Essential
Text LongText
Activities | Activity_person RelationManyReverseAdd
Related_person / Related_persons RelationMany
EMail_address EMail ZeroToMany
Mobile_phone SMS ZeroToMany
Landline_phone Many
Google_name = _
Hyperlink("" + _
URLEncode(FirstName + " " + LastName), _
"Google name")

Administrator_person RelationMany
History Log

Activity Administrator
Date_of_activity Date Essential Default=Now.DatePart
Title Essential
TypeOfActivity Essential
Correspondence, Demonstration, Feedback, Sales_meeting
ActivityStatus Many
Planned, In_progress, Finished
Text LongText
Note / Notes Many
Note_taken Date Default=Now
Text LongText
Persons | Activity_person RelationMany
History Log

Administrator_person RelationMany GivingAdministrator
History Log

ER-diagram (beta)

Note that in addition to generation of ER-Diagram the panSL Implementation AgoRapide may also be used to also generate database-schema (SQL) and source code for a variety of programming languages, tools and development architectures.

Last updated 2012-05-02