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Project hours worked and expenses

A quick and easy to use system for keeping track of work on different projects. The sample shows some use of Functions and use of the Sum-function across relations. See also the ForEach-function if you need more advanced access of related properties. No Access or History-logging have been specified in this sample.

Try out this schema now! (please allow a few seconds for your new database to be initialized.)

Mobil_phone SMS
Email EMail
Has_done | Activity_person RelationManyReverseAdd

Project_activity RelationManyReverseAdd
Sum_hours = Project_activity.NumberOfHours.Sum
Sum_expenses = Project_activity.Expenses.Sum

Text LongText
Time_of_activity Date Default=Now
Date = TimeOfActivity.DatePart Essential
Year_and_month = TimeOfActivity.ToString("yyyy-MM")
Year_and_quarter = TimeOfActivity.Year + " " + _

Type_of_activity Essential
Meeting, Specifying, Implementing
Done_by | Activity_person RelationOne Essential
Project | Project_activity RelationOne Essential
Number_of_hours Decimal
Expenses Decimal

ER-diagram (beta)

Note that in addition to generation of ER-Diagram the panSL Implementation AgoRapide may also be used to also generate database-schema (SQL) and source code for a variety of programming languages, tools and development architectures.

Last updated 2012-05-02