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Kindergarten with sub units

Could theoretically be used for administering a Kindergarten with multiple sub-units.
A lot of details have been thought of in the implementation but the example has not been tried out for real as of March 2012.

Try out this schema now! (please allow a few seconds for your new database to be initialized.)

Entity / Entities                                               
Person / Persons Type
Adult / Adults Type Essential
Child Type Essential
Adults | Has | Adult_roles / Role_child RelationManyReverseAdd
First_name Essential
Last_name Essential
Roles | Has | Role_person RelationManyReverseAdd
Date_of_birth Date
Unit / Units Type
Type_of_unit Essential
Kindergarten, Department, Juridical_organisation
Name Essential
Persons | Has_persons | Role_unit RelationManyReverseAdd
Super_unit | Belongs_to | Organisational_hierarchy RelationOne
Sub_units | Includes | Organisational_hierarchy RelationMany
Mobile_phone SMS ZeroToMany
EMail_address EMail ZeroToMany

Role / Roles
Adult_role / Adult_roles Type
Type_of_adult_role Essential
Leader, Customer, Offered_position, Offered_place, _
Related, Applied_for_position, Applied_for_place, _
Sick_leave, Vacation

Is_about | Role_unit RelationOne Essential
Role_to_children / Roles_to_children Type
Type_role_to_children Essential
Guardian, Mother, Father, Other_relative
Child | Is_about | Adult_roles / Role_child RelationOne Essential
Start Date
End Date
Person | Occupied_by | Role_person RelationOne Essential

ER-diagram (beta)

Note that in addition to generation of ER-Diagram the panSL Implementation AgoRapide may also be used to also generate database-schema (SQL) and source code for a variety of programming languages, tools and development architectures.

Last updated 2012-05-02